The Lizards – Fundamentals


The Lizards have been formed in 2011 in Adelaide, Australia, and they’re pretty much active since then. This highly energetic trio has published dozen of remarkable recordings such as Pure Filth EP, full-lengths Frill Seeker, Future Life, Moonstone but also a handful of singles like No Fracture, Minor Threat, and Saved By The Bell. We wrote a few lines for Moonshine CD a couple of years ago, so you may check out that review as well. Fundamentals are their latest full-length album that sounds much tighter than their previous recordings. Besides standard deep explorations into the eighties and nineties skate punk music, The Lizards are incorporating some hardcore punk and thrash metal elements. Fundamentals have been divided into nine magnificent compositions that possess outstanding amounts of uncompromising dynamics and other sonic wonderments. The entire material has been filled with precisely executed riffages, catchy guitar fills, and metallic solos. These melodic segments have been cleverly polarized between skate punk and eighties thrash metal maneuvers. Guitar solos are nicely arranged to enhance each composition with a proper dosage of various virtuosities. These shreddings have been supported by immensely addictive basslines that maintain the massive sound of the entire band. Excellent drumming sequences are keeping these instrumentations in line, and they act as dynamic foundations of the band. Vocals are leaning towards contemporary skate punk trends, but they fit nicely to the presented music. The entire material has been thoughtfully composed and arranged to retain the listener’s attention. Fundamentals will definitely suit to skate punk fans who are down with some explorations into hardcore punk and thrash metal music. If you are looking for a much more precise examination of their sound, The Lizards can be compared with some notable heavyweights such as Rich Kids On LSD, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, Anthrax, Frenzal Rhomb, Pennywise…etc. The album is currently available at The Lizards Bandcamp page, so make sure to support these guys by purchasing their music.

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