Fastloud – Dive In A Life


Fastloud is coming from Barcelona, Spain and their music can be best described as fast melodic skatepunk with the elements of hardcore punk. That band has been founded in 2015. and has been inspired by the 90s skate punk music. According to their Bandcamp page, they’ve managed to publish an album called Far From Finished which has been published immediately after their formation, Walkman Returns EP in 2017, and Wrong Drunk Fight EP in 2018. Dive In A Life is their latest offering to the wider audiences, consisting of ten precisely executed punk rock compositions. The songs are pervaded with impetus tempos, technically precise basslines, and complex guitar melodies. The band entirely explores the vast universe of 90s skatepunk music but also incorporates elements of melodic hardcore punk music, mainly showcased through subtle, but yet aggressive riffs. Fastloud measures the right amount of melodies, so the compositions are not piled with enormous portions of attention-seeking themes. Quite the contrary, the band simply knows how to balance between chromatic sequences and ferocious elements of hardcore punk, and this group of skillful musicians maintains the musical stamina throughout the entire album without spoiling all the fun. Speaking of influences, it seems that Fastloud has been hugely inspired by eminent bands such as NOFX, Lagwagon, Venerea, No Use For A Name, Bad Religion, Good Riddance, plus many more because of so many similarities with the bands who published their albums at Epitaph Records or Fat Wreck Chords over the years. These particular similarities are highly notable throughout the entire album, but the band also takes time to showcase some special moves. Dive In A Life has been decorated with magnificent artwork of a character wearing the primitive diving suit dives into post-apocalyptic scenery of a ruined city. This particular character has been surrounded by a group of blue zombies who are seemingly preparing for the attack. Dive In A Life has been heavily promoted over social media and you can buy this album at the Fastloud’s Bandcamp page for a couple of euros, but I truly hope that the band will publish this material as a physical release in the nearest future.

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