System 74 – Beyond The Surface CD (New Morality Zine)


Feeling like you’re lacking some melodic hardcore punk in your life? Beyond The Surface is a brand new material by System 74, a highly energetic hardcore punk band hailing from the state of Florida. What caught my attention to this unique band is actually their production and their ability to truly capture the sound of the late 80s hardcore punk scene. The band vividly captures the essence of that era through firmness of lead vocalist, catchy melodic maneuvers, various dualities between both guitars, massive warm sounding basslines, and vigorous drumming. Beyond The Surfaces consolidates foundations of skateboarding culture with the sturdiness of hardcore punk, punk rock melodies, and blends them into an undoubtfully vigorous entirety. The entire band operates as a unified living organism, programmed to express itself through a dozen of immensely impressive compositions. Their music offers so much more than simplistically organized and generically composed pile of same old riffages which has been recycled by thousands of bands before. System 74 catalyzes brilliant ideas, shapes them into cleverly compiled polyphonic sequences and delivers them with enormous portions of dynamics. Numbers such as Rearrange, Gone, Beyond The Surface, New, Long Nights, and Conman are like short stories encapsulated into a comprehensive collection of wondrously performed hardcore punk music. For those who are looking for a more precise section of their sound, System 74 comes close to late Uniform Choice sound, but it seems they’ve also been inspired by the bands from a Dischord catalog. One thing is for sure, System 74 deserves your full attention and considering the quality of Beyond the Surface, this band is the next big thing on a melodic hardcore punk scene. Beyond The Surface has been published on a compact disc by a New Morality Zine and it’s been accompanied by 11×17 poster, so grab this one for yourself while the supplies last.

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