R.C. Sullivan – Caution 12” EP (Crash Landing Records / Trilob Records / Punk & Disorderly Records)


R.C. Sullivan is a technical melodic punk rock band from Groningen, the Netherlands which has been pretty much active since formation in 2012. The band name refers to Roy Cleveland Sullivan, US park ranger who somehow survived several lightning strokes during his lifetime. The public eventually thought about him as an immortal being for a while, but R.C. Sullivan committed suicide at the age of 71 and finally debunked the mystery about his immortality. So far, the band has published a couple of extended plays such as a debut Self-Titled EP (2014), Hook, Line & Sinker (2017), but also managed to treat the audience with a couple of singles such as When Thoughts Become Things (2018) and The Death Of Elmer FUD (2019). Caution is their latest offering to the wider audiences that contain enormously vigorous compositions, mainly comprised of technically demanding chromatic melodies that have been combined with powerful riffages, thoughtfully implemented basslines and a very dynamic drumming segments. R.C. Sullivan’s astonishing sense for arrangements and cleverly combined melodic sequences are resulting in a unique blend of progressive skate punk music, generously pervaded with highly intelligent and eloquent lyrics. The band covers a wide array of various themes through impressive lyric structures, but mainly base themes around dualities in life, various aspects, and circumstances that shape life in general. Their philosophical approach to these topics is such a refreshment on the scene that constantly offers the same old themes. R.C. Sullivan thought about the visual aspect of their brand new 12” EP as well, so the graphic imagery vividly displays an overly manipulated character being maintained by the various obstacles. These obstacles are cleverly displayed as the maintenance workers who are building up the character by their own specifications until they construct a perfect slave of the system. Such a wondrous bonus to already impressive sonic maneuvers by the band who clearly shapeshifts the boundaries of melodic punk rock. The Caution has been published as a one-sided 12” EP as a collaboration between Crash Landing Records, Trilob Records, and Punk & Disorderly Records, so make sure to check their websites, order this astonishing record and treat your listening apparatus with a thoughtful punk rock music.

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