V/A – My World Is Upside Down LP + 7” (PDV Records)


My World Is Upside Down is a soundtrack for a documentary movie directed by Petra Seliškar. The movie has been entirely inspired by songs, poems, work, and life of Frane Milčinski – Ježek, a multidisciplinary artist mainly known for his work as a writer, actor, comedian, and performer. His courage to criticize even the unnoticeable issues of politics and society has maintained his audience during the times of extreme poverty, he eventually went through. Enormous dosage of irony pervaded with satire and direct comedy were his favorite tools of the trade, so Jezek left a gigantic mark on the contemporary artists as well. The result has been displayed in a form of eleven compositions, mainly comprised of collaborations between artists who were inspired by Jezek’s work. Considering the international proportions of this soundtrack, his work undoubtfully inspired artists on a worldwide scale. This record includes eminent artists and musicians such as Kimmo Pohjonen, Tomaž Pengov, Chris Eckman And The Last Side Of The Mountain Band, Willard Grant Conspiracy, John Parish, Cesare Basile, John Bonnar, F.A.M.E.’S, Josipa Lisac, Jani Hace, Hugo Race And The True Spirit, Bernays Propaganda, Teresa Salgueiro, Toni Kitanovski And Cherkezi Orchestra. To be fair, this soundtrack is simply beautiful and it showcases how the artists have experienced Jezek’s songs, poems, his life and career in general. These artists have generously added some flavors and personal signatures to these songs and poems, there’s a plentiful of music genres involved on the soundtrack and the entire record celebrates the life of a great artist. No matter if you’re purely into ambient music, acoustic sessions, some bluesy rock’n’roll, indie, pop, chill, neo-classical, electronica, experimental, avant-garde or etno, this soundtrack will definitely grow on you as you dig deeper into the exact sound and essence of the record. As an addition to a brilliant soundtrack album, this giant slab of magnificent sonic endeavors also contains a 7” record with the six original songs performed by the Frane Milčinski – Ježek, so you’ll be able to experience his wondrous works without googling around. My World Is Upside Down has been published by PDV Records, a Croatian record label with an impressive roster, so you should definitely check their back catalog for a more detailed glimpse at the diverse list of their magnificent artists.



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