Bamwise – Soundproof LP (PDV Records)


Bamwise is an electronically fueled dub group originating from Zagreb, Croatia. Formed in 2007, these skillful musicians gathered by a mutual appreciation and admiration for electro dub music. The group combines three synthesizers, a rhythm machine, bass guitar, guitar, vocals, but they’re also incorporating video and sound effects with an aim to enhance the overall atmosphere of their music. Soundproof is their highly anticipated debut album that has been published back in 2017. While their music includes foundations of Jamaican dub and reggae music, due to their fusion of various elements of contemporary electronic music, the band manages to sound innovative by adopting the elements of European dub developments, mainly presented by a very distinctive personal approach to these elements. Soundproof deliver eight magnificent compositions that possess all the vital elements of this unique genre, but Bamwise somehow uplifted the entire atmosphere with nothing but sheer creativity of the involved musicians. The band thought about each ingredient, from amazing chill beats, massive basslines, intense sounding guitars, to the various synth progressions and sound manipulations. These sound manipulations are entirely responsible for the main portion of a dub atmosphere, but the rest of the band also includes a lot of reverb and delay effects over their instruments in order to achieve the true sound of dub music. Bamwise showcases great musicianship at the compositions such as Tarantino, Down Under, Stinger, Sound Engineer, Run From Sound, but the rest of the album is amazing as well and undoubtfully includes some sonic highlights. Soundproof is, without a doubt, a comprehensive collection of chilling tones and beats, thoughtfully produced and arranged into one giant slab of dub music. Soundproof was entirely mixed and produced by its band members Igor Ivanković (bass) & Robert Martinović (dubbing/live sound mix). The mastering was done by Petar Dundov, a world-renowned techno producer and DJ and the visual part was done Marijana Krbot, who’s also a VJ at Bamwise. Soundproof has been published by PDV Records on vinyl, compact disc, but it is also available digitally at all streaming services, so give it a listen if you’re a fan of perfectly executed electronic dub/reggae music.

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