Skipjack – Brand New Wings EP


Skipjack is a melodic punk rock band originating from San Diego, CA with an extraordinary back catalog full of excellent records. The band was established back in 1996. and the group has published dozen of records such as Foundations (2000), Letters From The Frontline (2009), Kill American Radio (2011), A Soundtrack To A Eulogy (2016). The band has also published a split release with Outlie, Killing This Inside EP (2003), and compiled a greatest hits record named Songs From The Great American Bargain Bin (2017). Brand New Wings is their latest EP record comprised of six technically demanding compositions that have been intensified with magnificent arrangements and dynamism. Skipjack is killing it right with the first chords, their reasoning for composing is exceeding comprehension and the band obviously implements punk rock harmonizations, aggressiveness and velocity of hardcore punk, and various technics of heavy metal music. The band hovers between harmonics and common hardcore punk riffs which has been pervaded with heavy metal scales. In the end, these combinations are escalating into a proper skatepunk masterpiece demonstrated through great musicianship of the entire band. Most portion of the songs are encompassing profoundly energetic fast-paced rhythms, but the band clearly thought about the arrangements and they certainly possess common sense when to slow down a little bit. These slower sections are even more melodic and Skipjack contributes so much accent to these particular segments of their music, so their compositions will remain rememberable mainly because of these sequences. Skipjack’s music could easily be compared with the music of the greats such as Strung Out, A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere, Mute, BigWig, Iron Maiden…etc. because of their ability to reconstruct a distinctive mixture of the diverse genres into one unifying piece that certainly sounds so wondrous. Brand New Wings has been accompanied by an appropriate cover of artwork, depicting a smaller flock of birds saving a girl from drowning. The artwork has been purposely inverted upside down and it’s so meaningful. Brand New Wings EP is available at the Skipjack’s Bandcamp page for a couple of bucks, so go ahead and support an astonishing recording performed by an amazing skatepunk band.

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