Emerge – Materia CD (Attenuation Circuit)


Emerge is a widely known ambient / drone act from Augsburg, Germany. Emerge is operated by Sascha Stadlmeier, a very prolific multidisciplinary artist who also runs Attenuation Circuit, a brilliant avant-garde record label with dozen of exceptional artists on its roster. I’ve encountered his live performances a couple of times and with great assurance, I can affirm that Emerge is one of the best ambient/drone artists I’ve had a fortune to experience in person. Emerge pays attention to every feature of his music, from sound sources, recordings, producing and mastering to magnificent contemporary artworks essentially composed of numerous textures or macro details. Besides audio and visual aspects of his recordings, Sascha also spends a lot of attention on the quality of his records so both vinyl and compact discs are professionally duplicated in duplication factories with heavy cardboard sleeves. Whoever even scratched the surface of avant-garde music, probably knows that’s not the case with a vaster portion of other artists. Materia is one of his latest offerings to the wider audiences and this album consists of a singular composition that endures for about thirty minutes or so. Actually, this is a live recording of his performance at Schron Club, located in Poznan, Poland. Materia commences with some strange percussion loops which have been pervaded with subtle doses of the delay effect. Emerge has obviously used this part as an overture to the next sequence of his performance. The development to the next segment is still calmy, but with a dose of eerie ambiance in the background. It sounds like a wandering throughout the misty swamp in the middle of the dark, searching for the easiest way out from the eerie atmosphere, but these noises are becoming even louder and louder. Emerge relies on the sheer minimalism which transmits a sense of hopelessness. All of a sudden, percussions are fading out, but the horrific ambiance becomes even louder. Emerge brings all the elements of horror soundtracks by exploring throughout the vast space of ambient and drone music, but he also adds up some elements of musique concrete to the bill. His focus is clearly on a minimalist approach to these genres, but Materia sounds so vibrant, dynamic and entertainful throughout the entire composition. Materia is still available at the Attenuation Circuit Bandcamp page, so I highly advise you to grab this CD while it’s still available.

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