Ponor – Prah I Pepeo LP (DHPAK47 / PDV Records)


Ponor undoubtfully made a huge impact with Ovo Je Kraj, their debut album which has been published back in 2013. The band consolidated all the darkness, massiveness and sheer energy into it, emerging in a compelling album that will certainly be listened and remembered within the DIY punk community for many years. Prah I Pepeo is a proper continuation of a previous album, and even though this material has been published two years ago, it’s still deserving an honorable mention on our pages. This time, the band has recorded eight profoundly dynamic tunes full of thoughtful arrangements and intelligent lyrics chanting about more than urgent revolution, inequalities between genders, anxiety, corruptive politicians, LGBT rights, but the band also criticizes people who are justifying their hatred towards people of color, nationality, and sexual orientation. Ponor utilizes these relevant issues and channels them through the ferociousness of hardcore punk music. Once again, the band practices hardcore punk as a fundamental platform to distribute evaluations and contribute solutions to urgent problems both locally and globally. Musicwise, the band still maintains a distinctive approach to hardcore punk and their expression ranges between metalcore, crust punk, and hardcore, previously defined by bands such as Integrity, Catharsis, and Tragedy. The beauty of this full-length deposits in it’s a sinister, grinding, massive, vigorous approach to the anarcho-punk aesthetics and it nevertheless appears fresh nowadays when most of the contemporary bands ignore the importance of being socially aware. The world has transformed in a dystopian novel where human life worths nothing and civilization has been deprived of some basic human rights, so Prah I Pepeo is certainly committed to those who explore meaningness in the darkest days for mankind. Prah I Pepeo has been published on vinyl by DHPAK47 and PDV Records, so this amazing LP is still available for purchase and listening to at the PDV Records Bandcamp pages.

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