Nundata – Fecal Poppies


Nundata is widely recognized in harsh noise circles for his incredibly distinctive energetic performances and despite being sporadically active, this avant-garde project already has over 80 albums, collaborations and split releases since 2009. He collaborated and has done split releases with notable acts such as Jarboe, Justin Mark Lloyd, Ecoute La Merde, LordxGonzo, Aggression Sonore, Vasectomy Party, and also has done several extensive tours throughout Europe. Fecal Poppies is his most advanced offering to the noise audiences that consists of three experimental compositions simplistically named after the album. Nundata is not alike all those generic harsh noise acts, he’s not bragging with his pedalboards and fancy equipment, he’s not performing at big events and venues, but still, his sound is dominantly more layered than sounds of much bigger names in the game. The first composition acts as an overture to the entire album, and it’s comprised of various radio station experimentations being layered with subtle doses of radio static. This sound is possibly achieved by twisting knobs on an antique radio or transistor which has been wired with a distortion pedal. The next composition produces the sound that reminiscents some of the Nundata’s previous releases. Radio station manipulations and white noise are still notable, but this time with even more layers constituted of sharp tones, experimentations with various cassette tapes and a hatful of vocal sequences. The third composition delivers a more eerie atmosphere and this is presumably the strangest Nundata experimentation I have ever encountered, but it sounds so genuine. It’s a pleasant shift to more dynamic ambient/drone waters pervaded with some granulated noise movements. These strange manipulations are occasionally disturbed by various microphone experimentations and the specter of synth-a-like tones. This particular track indicates closure of very distinctive material, possibly the most layered Nundata recording I’ve have heard so far. Fecal Poppies is perfectly balanced noise recording enhanced with dozen of variations mainly comprised of ambient, drone and free improvisations with radio, radio static, white noise, various loops, synths, and microphonics, so Nundata expanded his outlet in so many spheres with this album. Fecal Poppies are available at Nundata’s Bandcamp page, but I highly encourage you to donate some cash to this hard-working avant-garde artist.

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