The Stone Tapes – Revolutions In The Head CD (Attenuation Circuit)


Revolution In The Head is a highly anticipated album by The Stone Tapes, a supergroup constituted of dAS and Ninah Pixie (Big City Orchestra), Edward Ka-Spel and Philip Knight (The Legendary Pink Dots), and Frans de Waard (Kapotte Musik, Beequeen, Goem). These profoundly skilled artists have applied numerous distinguishing technics and procedures to the sound, so Ninah primary served her selection of sipsi reed flutes, before bonding them at the Crumar studio organ, then Frans implored the wide apparition of sonic textures by combining versatile cassette players and I-Pad. dAS experimented with contact mics and soundboards, and also assigned a computer to the looper. Edward accompanied a hatful of custom vocal samples and performed software synths. Phil has manipulated and programmed a circuit-bent radio and powered up the analog synth armory. All these recordings have been processed by Frans and mastered by Edward for the purposes of the compact disc. As you can see, these multidisciplinary artists have quite unconventional approaches to the entire recording process, but also their appearance in avant-garde music differs between themselves. Revolutions In The Heads sounds both mysterious and extraordinary in its marvelous form, the sound encompasses ambient, drone, musique concrete, but you may also detect various sonic manipulations mainly presented in the very background of these recordings. The entire ambiance is fulfilled with static white noise, television and radio sequences, multiple explorations in expansive space of synth noise, so the complete recording maintains the retro-sounding vibe. Still, the essence of The Stone Tapes is heavily based on the foundations of ambient music and the undivided attractiveness lays in the skillfulness of these legendary individuals. Luckily enough, Revolutions In The Head has been published on a compact disc by Attenuation Circuit, a magnificent recording label based in Augsburg, Germany which regularly shapeshifts the catalog with the most impressive recordings in the recent history of sound art explorations.

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