Sunstroke – Bloom At Night LP (New Morality Zine)


Sunstroke is a highly energetic hardcore punk band originating from Philadelphia and encompassing areas. The associated musicians gathered with a purpose to evoke the revolution summer movement that transpired in Washington, DC are back in the eighties. The bands that spawned out of Revolution Summer regularly took a stand against violence, particularly at shows in the form of slamdancing as well as standing up against the rising sexism on the scene. Bloom At Night is a new offering by Sunstroke, but the band has also published Second Floor / Seven LP constituted of two separate recordings that have previously been accessible as digital releases. The band entirely pays honors to the eighties DC hardcore punk scene with these recordings by consolidating all the indispensable elements of melodic hardcore, but with a lot more punch supplemented by the profoundly energetic rhythm section. The guitars are bursting incredible melancholic melodies and the riffs are apparently the essential ingredient of the Sunstroke’s magnificent sound. Their lyrics are based upon personal perspectives on life, friendships, outcoming the various circumstances, and reaching towards the light in the most troublesome times. The lyrics are nearly poetic, deep, addressed sincerely from the heart and conceivably they’re inspired or based on the authentic events. Besides four compositions, Sunstroke has also covered Under The Influence by Dag Nasty, legendary hardcore punk band from Washington, DC and to be honest, the cover articulates like a charm. Besides the distinguished lyrics and startling music, the band also thought about arrangements and production that spontaneously brings back the spirit of the eighties. Bloom At Night comes with a remarkable artwork that is an abstract representation of the flowers or other greenery and it goes great with the exhibited music. The vinyl has been published by New Morality Zine, a Chicago based hardcore punk record label, so you may find this impressive record at their Storenvy page or at the Bandcamp if you’re more into digital downloads.

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