Knocked Down – Anything But Luck


Today, we are covering highly anticipated debut album by Knocked Down, a band hailing from Stockton, California. The band has been developed back in late 2016. by Chris Whaley and Tony Heckerman with a clear aim to distribute great musicianship through technically precise pop-punk music. So far, Knocked Down has published an EP in 2017, following the single named It’s Not Easy Getting Old which has been published in 2018. Then the band has announced their debut album with a single called I Fucked Up this year and this particular composition has acclaimed some positive critics among various skatepunk communities, forums, blogs, and websites. Anything But Luck delivers twelve incredible compositions which have been pervaded with wonderful melodies and thoughtful arrangements. These skillful musicians thought about all the features, they’ve incorporated some mindblowing concepts in all the compositions and with great assurance, I can entirely affirm that Anything But Luck is a pop-punk masterpiece that was worth waiting for. These guys rely their music on melancholic arpeggios, memorable riffs, addictive basslines, and impressively executed drumming. The greatest portion of the songs are somewhere in mid-tempos but Knocked Down somehow aligned all the displayed elements, so you’ll not be bored by the indifferent tempo circling throughout the entire album. Both Chris Whaley and Tony Heckerman contributed a great deal of their time writing, composing, arranging and recording these songs, and they’ve done it with so much style, you’ll be blown away by their creativity after hearing all these subtle melodies. These guys also thought about imagery for their band, so the cover artwork consists of some vector graphics including a giant owl hovering above the water. The mountain surrounded by big black flames decorates the very background of the artwork and there are also few other elements included, but I highly recommend you to pay a visit to the Knocked Down’s Bandcamp page and contemplate their art while you consume this incredible debut album.

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