Enemy Of My Enemy – Enemy Of My Enemy LP (Snubbed Records)


Enemy Of My Enemy is a female-fronted melodic punk rock band formed several years ago in Santa Cruz, California. The band includes former members of Six Steps To Hell, Hate Brigade, Culo a Boca, Fury 66, Dead Set, Fire Whiskey…etc. and so far the band has published a magnificent 7” record called Igniter, including three incredible punk rock songs. The band has also recorded a mindblowing debut full-length album and signed to Snubbed Records this year, and to be honest, their music is right up my alley. The band has stated they’ve been inspired by a substantial serving of well known or less known acts, too plentiful to enumerate them all in their biography section, but there’s a robust resemblance with the bands such as Tilt, Fast Times, Good Riddance and perhaps earlier Tsunami Bomb, with a few jumps into hardcore punk and rock’n’roll music here and there. Besides exceptional female vocals that are altering from tidy singing to high-pitched shouting, the band also concentrates on memorable choruses, essentially enhanced with compelling singalong segments. The band nurtures a straightforward approach to punk rock, without unnecessary guitar swells, octaves, solos or any other virtuosities. Quite the contrary, the band addresses all the dynamism throughout striking guitar riffs highlighted by the massive basslines and very impressive drumming. This specific sound is so characteristic for all those bands who rose to fame throughout the nineties, and the Enemy Of The Enemy has provided a pure example of how uncompromising, passionate and interesting punk rock can sound nowadays. This tremendous record has been supplemented by a very efficient artwork composed of blurry monochrome photography of Christa Berry, lead vocalist of Enemy Of My Enemy. The imagery really captures their ferociousness and energetic approach to punk rock music. This self-titled record has been published and distributed by Snubbed Records, but it is also available for streaming at the Enemy Of My Enemy’s Bandcamp page, so give it a couple spins and judge for yourself.

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