Nula – Pobjedimo Laž DLP (PDV Records)


This year appeared to be so fruitful for punk rock music, it’s nearly impossible to grasp all the magnificent releases that hatful of bands have imprinted onto worldwide punk rock heritage. The bands have popped up from nearly all conceivable directions of the globe with impressive albums that’ll surely develop the direction punk rock music will head to in the nearest future, and to be honest, all these bands proved they’re proper descendants of the contemporary punk rock scene. To be fair, there’s no more satisfying way to commemorate a conclusion of a great year for punk rock music than to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the most influential records for Balkan’s. Perhaps this debut recording wasn’t so significant back in the days, but retrospectively looking from the 25-year distance, the greatness of this record has enormous proportions mainly because it developed a Croatian anarcho-punk scene in the days when only a couple of bands had the audacity to openly speak up about anarchism, social injustice, police oppression, local and regional policies. Considering both global and local political events, the message and the music are still appropriate today, so Pobjedimo Laž will unquestionably accumulate some new devotees of the particular material and warm some hearts of the fans who had a privilege to support them back then. Luckily enough, the tapes of this legendary album have been kept safe and sound for more than two decades, so the sound has been remastered for this special occasion. The sound has been widened to the max and judging by some versions I’ve encountered before, this particular one sounds most satisfying so far. This project has been supported by a crowdfunding campaign and judging by the hype all over social networks, the interest in this wondrous debut album was enormous. PDV Records paid attention to every single detail, so record sleeves are professionally printed on the quality cardboard and the original front cover art has been included. The double LP is accompanied by a comprehensive zine with all the original artworks, sketches, both typewritten and handwritten lyrics and various articles about the record. The crowdfunding campaign also included various perks and bundles comprised of t-shirts, hoodies, etc. which are also available on the label’s website and Bandcamp page. This album certainly made a huge impact on the regional scene back then and the album evokes some nostalgia, but surely it’s still relevant today, therefore Pobjedimo Laž is more than a good demonstration of burgeoning musicians who desired to change their surroundings and deliver social changes within the punk rock scene in the times when only a few dared to do so.

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