ABOP – Delta LP (PDV Records)


ABOP is a live electro band coming from Zagreb, Croatia. Instead of being attracted by the uniformity of DJ sets on the worldwide electro scene, this electro entity operates as a well-coordinated band in such an uncharacteristic form. The centerpiece of their sound circulates around a singular drumset shared by two drummers who made a certain configuration according to their needs. The rest of their sound is based upon various dualities of both analog and digital synths, addictive basslines, and all these elements are blended up by skillful sound designer and light engineer to gradually enhance the ambiance. Their debut album consists of six supremely executed electro compositions that extend from 80s retro-futuristic synth-wave, Detroit techno, Chicago house, plus other mainstream and underground genres that harmonize along with thoughtfully manipulated techno music. The album sounds like a comprehensive Blade Runner soundtrack, exceptionally composed to sonically illustrate the entire action scenes. ABOP considered every single feature of these recordings, from graciously performed drumming sequences that articulate alike the rhythm machine, vigorous basslines that serve the massive resonances to the plate, to dominant polyphonic segments of both analog and digital synths. ABOP leads us through the vast world of innovative retro-futuristic sound which is unquestionably a gamechanger in the genre. The band thought about the entire concept and approached this project from a truly distinctive perspective, so the main focus is not designated immediately on the music, but on the entire atmosphere as well. Unlike the other techno acts, ABOP composes their tunes to evoke a much darker ambiance, so Delta is moderately comprised of melodies composed in minor scales. ABOP simply bursts impressive amounts of energetic acid beats, great synth arpeggios, lo-fi keys, and non-generic basslines and every segment is thoughtfully incorporated into one futuristic electro masterpiece. This wonderful recording has been published by the PDV Records, a prolific Croatian record label based both in Zagreb and Pula, and it’s available on vinyl, compact disc and at all streaming services, so take some time and check out this wondrous electro act.

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