Begbie – Play Hard CD (C’mon Artax)


Begbie is a powerful mathcore duet formed in December of 2018. in Brescia, Italy. The band consists of Nicola Girelli on guitars and Dario Rossini on drums. Play Hard is their debut CD comprised of five highly addictive compositions, but this material also holds an intro dedicated to Trainspotting, a well-known movie by Danny Boyle. This magnificent material carries dozen of distinctive musical genres such as mathcore, sludge, and experimental rock, but these inventive musicians are not departing from the other outputs, therefore Begbie as a project shapeshift towards multidisciplinary methods in order to display powerful, hysterical, but also very precise technical music that will shiver all the bones in your body. One thing is for sure, this is not just obvious and unsophisticated mathcore EP, and there’s certainly a lot more than meets the eye. Besides all the anxious, eerie, chaotic technicalities implemented on both guitars and drums, Begbie also demonstrates a hatful of magnificent harmonies with heaps of confidence and precision. The drumming is utterly insane on each composition, there’s plenty of drumming technics included throughout the entire EP, dynamics are playing a big part in each song and all the drum parts are adequately incorporated alongside with incredible guitar sequences. This unstoppable mathcore machinery works like a charm throughout the entire recording and they paid a lot of attention to each aspect while composing and recording this material. Despite the fact they have chosen up mathcore as their fundamental weapon of choice, all the melodies, sequences, segments and rhythms are remaining memorable after the initial spinning of this astonishing record. Play Hard has been accompanied by classic sports photography including notorious Vinnie Jones and Paul Gascoigne on a couple of them, and these particular photos cleverly illustrate the conflicting, but highly intelligent music of Begbie. Play Hard has been published on a compact disc by C’mon Artax, a one-man booking agency from Brescia, Italy, so I strongly advise to check out their Bandcamp page and grab this fine piece of mathcore history for yourself.

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