Omaha – IV (Morning Wood Records)


Music theory has no axiomatic foundation in contemporary mathematics, yet the basis of musical sound can be represented mathematically with IV, long-awaited full-length by Toronto, Canada based technical skate punk band Omaha, who has included a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and who knows what else to compose, rehearse and record a profound highly energetic album. The entire album sounds like a colossally complex unsolved equation that seeks an audience so it can be accurately solved. The band considered each aspect of the record, from utterly complex ultra-melodic sequences brilliantly performed on both guitars, over impressive bass scales that literally melt brains out, to hyperspeed drumming full of various technicalities. The vocals absolutely accommodate the music and the singalongs are more than an excellent addition, wisely installed on the appropriate places throughout the entire album. IV provides eleven uncompromising compositions with loads of highlights throughout the entire album, so numerous that’s so difficult to embrace them all in one listening. The best part regarding these highlights lays down in hatful of various innovations in guitar shredding that will certainly cause an impact on the worldwide skate punk scene in the nearest future. Besides various explorations in the vast space of modern melodics, Omaha’s music functions as a sonic firing squad, the band continuously fires enormous portions of relentless, uncompromising energy, presented with a lot of intelligent arrangements and loads of dynamics. For those who are looking out for a more precise examination of this album, IV consists of various shredding technics frequently notable in modern metal music, but the entire band relies on their foundations based upon ferocious melodic punk rock sound, and it seems that the band is heavily influenced by the greats such as Belvedere, Propagandhi, Mute, A Wilhelm Scream, Adhesive, Strike Anywhere, Pour Habit.. and others who base their sound around both heavy metal and melodic punk rock music. IV has been published on a compact disc by Morning Wood Records and it’s available at the label’s website, so don’t miss the chance to overwhelm your ears with some brilliant skatepunk music.

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