Turnover – Altogether LP (Run For Cover Records)


Turnover is an indie rock band from Virginia Beach, Virginia that has been around since 2009. So far, they have recorded four excellent albums such as Magnolia, Peripheral Vision, Good Nature, with Altogether being the fourth and the most exceptional addition to their mindblowing discography. Like the rest, Altogether hurls a whole new dimension in the popular music, but after a closer examination, it appears that Turnover as a band has traversed a long distance from their première Magnolia to their freshest full-length album. Besides calmy guitar arrangements which almost reconcile all the possible senses, sympathetic basslines that deliver extensive sound or mid-tempo drumbeats that maintain the entire band and secure everything mutually like glue, Turnover produces even more inventiveness in the previously established sound. So, besides all the fundamental elements of indie rock, dream pop, emo, and pop-punk, the band permeates the entire room with some comfortable ambiance which unquestionably acts loafing on a consumer. The band also consolidates some jazz, funk, lounge and disco vibes in their music, so Altogether is more luxurious than their previous albums with the omnipresence of various sonic attractions. These influences showcase an improved Turnover that will undoubtfully warm the hearts of old fans and gather the attention of the possible new listeners which will unquestionably be blown away by the richness of the compositions. Altogether has been published by the Run For Cover Records which has been a Turnover’s recording label since 2012. The album is available on vinyl, CD, digitally or in various special bundles which Run For Cover Records has prepared for all loyal fans of the band.

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