Sport – 2010 – 2019 3xLP + 7” (Various Labels)


For those who might be unaware of these guys from Lyon, France, Sport was a prominent emo-punk group that has assembled a demo and three full-length albums that I sincerely consider as true emo masterpieces of the new millennium. The band has announced and imminent departure to history, but luckily, a several labels have decided to encapsulate their discography composed of full-lengths such as Colors, Bon Voyage & Slow, plus a 7” which includes their demo recordings and by that, deliver an entire Sport catalog for those who eventually missed this band or haven’t got the opportunity to collect some of these records. The sound of these gents can be best represented as magnificent emo music with numerous dosages of melodic punk rock and indie. Their melodic compositions somehow deliver all the emotions directly on the plate, the band appears so rough, sincere, melodramatic, unique, and undoubtfully unconventional from the rest of the emocore scene. Unlike the rest of the emo scene, Sport utilizes both major and minor chords and scales, so their compositions are more cheerful, anthemic and polarized towards some brighter thoughts. Also, the band maintains a lot of excellent arrangements and dynamics on their entire discography, production is similar on all recordings, so their records seem like a logical continuation one after another. The vocals conduct the message of these skillful musicians so loudly and clearly, you’ll immediately notice that the entire band chants at the same time and each song possesses outstanding singalongs that will definitely sweep you away. This boxset has been published in partnership among Adagio 830, Pike Records, Guerilla Asso, La Tête d’Ampoule, La Agonía De Vivir, Voice Of The Unheard Records and it’s restricted to 600 copies. Do not miss the opportunity to grasp this extraordinary boxset which will without a doubt settle on your turntable for a very long period.

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