Knocked Loose – A Different Shade Of Blue LP (Pure Noise Records)


Knocked Loose is one of those bands who gained worldwide recognition because these guys knew what they want to achieve as musicians since their beginnings back in 2013. when they have decided to gather as a band and deliver us pure hell right from Oldham, a county located in a US state of Kentucky. A Different Shade Of Blue is their second full-length record which represents true sounds of modern metalcore music interfered with an extremely high dosage of venomous beatdowns and atonal guitar maneuvers cleverly implemented right between massive palm-muted riffages. The epic savagery of this record goes beyond any comprehension with sheer aggression rabidly striving for dominance, while the cacophonic melodies and occasional calmness are deliberately disturbing all those maniacal moments thoughtfully played by these clever musicians. The band paints a glorious painting comprised of darkness, emptiness, despair and pure madness, all these elements are enormously pulled by a huge maelstrom which sucks everything in radius until the giant black hole departs it into tiny particles of antimatter. Vocals are responsible for the presence of all that aforementioned darkness which delivers a lot of delirious musical moments. The massiveness of the singalong parts goes great with all the thoughtfully implemented arrangements and the great production is responsible for the hearability of each and every piece of this amazing record. A Different Shade Of Blue LP is such a remarkable representation of how metalcore album should sound in this millennium and Knocked Loose are by any means one of the masters in their niche. A Different Shade Of Blue has been published by Pure Noise Records and it’s available on vinyl, CD or at all streaming services, so give it a couple of listens if you’re deeply into some technical metalcore music with a huge portion of beatdowns and atonal moments.

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