The Limits – The Limits EP


Israel has been almost like an assembly line for remarkable punk rock bands in the past couple of decades. Besides Useless ID, Not On Tour, Free Sergio, to cite just a few, The Limits are also exceptional representatives of the aforementioned particular genre. Recently, they’ve published a debut EP with eight extremely listenable compositions that convey a lot of elements of power pop, pop-punk, indie, and punk rock music. The band mainly focuses on startling female vocals which remain constantly dominant over mighty pop-punk melodies on one, and great punk rock riffs on the other side. Both guitars are backed by gracious sounding basslines which are performed with a lot of sense while the drummer’s performance is assembling all the bits and pieces altogether. With the musicians like these, The Limits simply cannot fail and these compositions are pure evidence of how pop-punk should sound like today. In some cases, their music reminded me of ALL, Descendents, Tsunami Bomb, Tilt, Extreme Unicorns, The Bombpops, Masked Intruder, but with a lot more melodies and brilliant arrangements characteristic for both indie and punk rock music. As I said before, The Limits are focusing on the brilliance of main female vocals, supported with a great dosage of singalongs which highlights some elements of their cool songs even more. You’ll be blown away by their melodies and spontaneously hooked on their music for months. This EP comes with a simplistic cover artwork comprised of some abstract textures, probably of some stone or a wall and it’s available at The Limits Bandcamp page, so go ahead and give it a chance because you’ll not be disappointed.

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