The Rebel Assholes – (Headed For) Dysphoria EP (Indie Or Die Music)


The Rebel Assholes are coming from Bellfort, France and they’re already a longstanding punk rock band with a career lasting over sixteen years of rehearsing, recording and touring. The Rebel Assholes are famous for their performing habits and the band has played over 500 shows and still counting to this day. The band shared the stage with some well-known names in the genre, such as Anti-Flag, Good Riddance, Satanic Surfers, Beatsteaks, Lagwagon, Youth Brigade, The Adolescents, Snuff, Teenage Bottlerocket, Strung Out, Agnostic Front, Berri Txarak, Les Sheriffs, Tagada Jones, Guerilla Poubelle and Burning Heads. Also, the band has done 60 shows of Europian tour with Burning Heads sometime between 2012. and in 2013. marking a longstanding friendship with this band. With impressive discography consisting of a debut LP called Click And Say Yeah! which has been published in 2009, split LP release with Dumbell which has been published back in 2011, or the following full-length Deactivated LP which has been published in 2012, and Follow The Line LP which has seen a light of the day in 2015, The Rebel Assholes than compiled various compilation songs as a treat for their fans in 2016. and placed it on their Bandcamp page for easier digital consumption. These fine musicians are constantly active and they’re currently promoting their brand new EP called (Headed For) Dysphoria which has been published and distributed by Indie Or Die Music, a French record label and promoting agency. The band continues their musical journey in the same direction by delivering some quality melodic punk rock tunes highly influenced by bands such as Hot Water Music, The Lawrence Arms, Red City Radio, Iron Chic, RVIVR, Burning Heads or perhaps Bad Religion. By implementing straightforward mid-tempo rhythms played by the skillful drummer, accompanied by pleasantly warm-sounding basslines, ultra-melodic guitar dualities comprised of four-chord technicalities and an impressive progressive guitar fills separated in wisely placed sections, The Rebel Assholes are dealing with this particular genre like professionals and their skills are undoubtfully intertwined by some smart moves which are more than hearable on this EP. By simply taking a listen to compositions such as opening Six Fit Under or highly energetic Heads On Pikes, slowing down and getting familiar with the downtempo’s of A Needle In A Haystack, feeling melancholic by impressive melodies of Dysphoria or dealing with a great dosages of massively energetic A New World In Our Hearts (featuring Dani Llamas of GAS Drummers); The Rebel Assholes are leading you through the vast space of brilliant lyrics, deliberately crossed with great portions of high-quality punk rock music you’ll fall in love with after the first listening. This incredible punk rock EP comes with a great photo of a female character that has been layered with lots of grunge textures an printed on a recycled paper. The cover artwork also includes all the necessary pieces of information about these recordings, band members, contact info and it has been published in the form of a digipack CD. (Headed For) Dysphoria EP is availably directly from Indie Or Die Music or you can stream it at the label’s Bandcamp page.

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