Trio Franolić Ćulap Jovanović – Put LP (Geenger Records)


Put LP is a debut record by this phenomenal trio which originally started as a Franolić Ćulap duo and previously has published Bujrum CD at Geenger Records. Powered by a third member, Marko Jovanović, who’s initial instrument is harmonica, they’ve started a unique journey through the vast world of world music. By combining various elements of ethno, blues, and jazz, these three individuals are exploring a diverse multicultural platform of various regions of the world and fuse the cultural heritage of Balkan, Turkish, Arabian and Indian music. Their musical direction is directly influenced by their native region, the Balkans, but on the other hand, these experienced musicians are also inspired by the world music scene in general. The characteristic sound of instruments such as oud, tar, mazar, udu, and harmonica leads us through this amazing journey and showcases all the elements of each ethnicity and culture these highly skilled musicians were inspired by. Each composition delivers the special ambiance, diverse atmospheres and gathers all the emotions in one unifying musical experience fused by maximum experimentations of jazz and blues music. These various combinations are almost like a giant encyclopedia comprised of various explanations about characters, landscapes, situations, and cultures. Put LP can easily be described as a multicultural sonic painting that needs to be examined by the wider audience of world music enthusiasts. This album has been published by Geenger Records and it’s available on vinyl, CD and all streaming services, so purchase it, give it a couple of listens and you’ll love it with all your heart and soul.

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