No Sanctuary – Weird Slow Pvnk Of Mystery And Imagination LP


You’ve got tired of same old repetitive anarcho, crust punk, and d-beat bands who are running in circles with same old recycled riffs, imagery and worn-out attitudes? No Sanctuary is a bit of refreshment on a worldwide DIY punk scene with their debut album called Weird Slow Pvnk Of Mystery And Imagination which deliver an exact message about all the topics listed at the album title. Surprisingly enough, No Sanctuary is unlike any other band I’ve listened to before, but on the other hand, there are so many influences in their music, it would be nearly impossible to count them all and separate at some particular elements. All those elements are already showcased in music played by some famous anarcho, crust punk, and d-beat bands, but No Sanctuary takes all those elements on a totally another level, twist them over until they squeeze all the good particles and retain all the evil or should I say weird elements of those particular music genres. You may hear elements of Antisect, Rudimentary Peni, Crass, Dead Kennedys, Discharge, Celtic Frost, Bauhaus, Killing Joke, Joy Division and Black Sabbath totally warped, transformed, shaped up into some abnormal, mindbending, but unifying sonic form which goes far beyond any particular subgenre of punk rock music. Oddly enough, every single particle goes perfectly well with another, so No Sanctuary achieved something that any other crust punk band has never done before. With the additionalities of various singing styles which obviously goes well with all the presented musical sequences these Spanish musicians are covering at the certain moments, Weird Slow Pvnk Of Mystery And Imagination is currently one of the greatest debut records in the genre, considering the creativeness of the entire band or separate individuals who contributed to this material. It’s very important to give this material a chance because we might be facing the birth of a new music genre right here, at this very moment. Weird Slow Pvnk Of Mystery And Imagination has been published on black vinyl and compact disc, so you can either pick one option or both and support a creative journey of these Spanish crust punks.

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