Danvers – How Did It Ever Come To This LP


Danvers is great melodic quintet from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which recently caught my attention while I was looking out for some pieces of new music on the web. The band has published a couple of releases since their formation including official Demo recordings, Gallant 7”, Gallant C-Sides, Jazz Standards LP, so How Did It Ever Come To This is their latest offering to the wider audiences. This particular album continues in the same manner as their previous recordings, so the band offers eleven ultra-melodic compositions with a strong melancholic edge. The sound is compact, melodic, dynamic, with a lot of emotions involved. All the emotions are expressed through vocals and lyrics, but the guitar structures are also playing an important role in those emotive moments in Danvers music. Speaking of the music direction these fine musicians are heading to, Danvers is dealing with large portions of skate punk, post-hardcore and emo, perfectly unified altogether into one divine melancholic form, but unlike dozen of bands who are sticking to the only one exact tempo, Danvers is much more dynamic band with a lot more cool things to offer. The band deals with even more bright ideas as the albums pass by, and every upcoming tune delivers something even greater than the previous one, so it seems Danvers are outshining themselves during the entire album, so actually, this album hides an evolutive process of the band. It would be such a shame not to mention the impressive rhythm section which is responsible for the massiveness of the Danvers sound. The bass lines are supporting both guitars with some warm tones and the amazing drumming is perhaps 50% of the Danvers massive sounding. It’s an incredible full-length album which you surely don’t want to miss. How Did It Ever Come To This has been published physically on black vinyl, but it’s also available at the Danvers Bandcamp page in a digital form, so pick up your weapon of choice and enjoy in some fine melancholic melodies.

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