Concrete Control – Concrete Control EP


The music has evolved during the years, therefore punk rock music evolved as well. No matter if we’re talking about hardcore punk, skate punk or pop-punk, all those subgenres of punk rock evolved into something greater over a couple of decades. The bands have put a lot of effort to sound better, unique, diverse one from another, but somehow a lot of those bands have lost the track of the music they meant to play. On the other hand, there are few bands who are keeping it true and they’re performing their tunes like the bands used to perform it a couple of decades ago. Concrete Control is one of those bands who are sticking to the fundamentals of old school hardcore punk music with all the great elements of the nineties melodic skate punk sound. Their self-titled EP is their latest offering to the wider audiences and a proper reminiscent of the good music we all dearly used to listen over twenty years ago. The band is aiming high right from the start, the tunes are highly energetic and these couple of compositions instantly reminded me of the ferocity of some well-known bands such as 98 Mute, Pennywise, Good Riddance, Deviates or perhaps Model American. To put it up simply, Concrete Control is one of those bands which will force you to grab your skateboard and head over to the nearest skate park as soon as you turn their self-titled EP on your iPod.  The band previously recorded a Demo and another EP called Killing Time, so you might want to check those recordings as well because you surely won’t be disappointed. This self-titled EP is available on the Concrete Control’s Bandcamp page for free, but I advise you to donate a couple of bucks and support this amazing young band.

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