Spermbirds – Go To Hell Then Turn Left LP (Rookie Records)


Today, we are covering the legendary band that really needs no introduction. Spermbirds is a German hardcore punk institution which has been formed in Kaiserslautern in 1982. and since then the band published numerous of great albums with Something To Prove and Nothing Is Easy being the most notable one. Besides the dozen of albums, the band has published a couple of 7” records, two live recordings, a ”best of” album and a DVD documentary. The best part about Spermbirds is their devotion to old school hardcore punk sound being mixed up with a great dosage of 80s skate punk and rock’n’roll. Go To Hell Then Turn Left is their brand new LP which is a proper continuation of their previous works, but with a lot better production and more energetic compositions, no matter if we’re talking about mid-tempo tunes or some faster songs. This particular material is perhaps darker then their previous recordings, especially if we’re are talking about impressive guitar riffs and their in-your-face lyrics which bring some important issues right on the table. However, the rhythm section is so dynamic, so you’ll not notice all the darkness on the first listening, but it might jump right up to your face if you pay closer attention. The most important thing about Spermbirds is their skill to write a proper album every time they decide to publish something and it seems they’re not losing any ideas during their 37 years spanning career. No matter if we are talking about great melodic guitars, massive basslines or dynamics presented by the impressive drumming, Spermbirds are delivering some highly energetic tunes from every direction you can even imagine and they’re doing it like professionals. Go To Hell Then Turn Left is up for pre-orders at Rookie Records and it’ll be available on vinyl and CD, but you can eventually take a listen to the entire album at the Rookie Records Youtube page.

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