Radio Blast – Let’s Rock EP


Radio Blast is an NYC pop-punk rock band which has been formed after the departure of Podunk Queens. Dom Sorace and Franco Jaramillo decided to start a new band which will follow a classic Ramones punk rock sound and they’ve succeeded in their aim with the help of Kaspar Kielland and Mike Horrowitz. The band is also inspired by well-known acts such as Riverdales, DeeCRACKS, Teenage Bottlerocket, The Lillingtons, Screeching Weasel, since their music carries a great dosage of pop-punk elements characteristic for those bands. Radio Blast is sticking to the proven formula comprised of three to four chord progressions. simple bass lines and energetic drumming, but they’re doing it with a lot of energy and style, that you’ll probably instantly fall in love with their music. Let’s Rock EP captures the past, present, and the future of this distinctive genre called Ramonescore which became quite popular during the 90s when the tons of bands started to exploit all the possible four chord combinations with a clear intention to reminiscent the raw energy of The Ramones. However, Radio Blast are cruising between Ramonescore and modern pop-punk intending to deliver much more melodic compositions which surely possess a lot of potentials to become radio hits. Let’s Rock EP is currently available digitally at Radio Blast’s Bandcamp page for free and it comes with a cool cover art comprised of three ladies surrounding an old radio. It’s a great addition to cool recordings which will probably remind you of some better days for this particular genre.

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