See You In Hell – Život Ve Strachu LP (Insane Society Records)


See You In Hell is a Czech hardcore punk band which has been formed in Brno in 1999. and they are literally tearing everything apart since then. Seriously, this unstoppable DIY hardcore punk machine has recorded tons of great recordings since their formation including tons of singles, LPs, split releases and has appeared on countless compilations. The band is also touring a lot, their highly energetic gigs are always great and I’ve had a chance to experience their music live in Belgrade in 2007, so that particular show is still one of my top 10 hardcore punk shows ever. Život Ve Strachu is their latest offering and to be fair, one of their best albums so far. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re truly a fan of ultra energetic, superfast hardcore punk music with dark lyrics, you’ll probably love their entire catalog, but Život Ve Strachu delivers much more melodies into their music and it’s a great follow up to their previous full-length record called Jed. This time, See You In Hell are dealing with even larger portions of classic old school hardcore punk which has been mixed up with great melodic guitar structures and the band goes much more towards crust punk sound than ever before. The riffs are constantly thrashing beneath all those melodies and you’ll simply dig how those bass lines are hearable besides the rest of the involved instruments. That’s the case with all their recordings, the instruments are always showcased nearly equally, but on the other hand, the awesome production has done its job and entire band sound unified. Vocals are entirely on another level. Jožka is always up to the task when it comes to the vocals and his voice delivers a dark, depressive and bleak image of the world we are living. Život Ve Strachu comes with an incredible dotwork art of giant serpent eating the sun while being surrounded by flames, dark clouds, and piles of human skulls. The album has been published on vinyl by Insane Society, a longstanding Czech hardcorepunk label which has been a publisher for See You In Hell since their beginnings. Grab this one if you’re a fan of both crust punk and hardcore punk music because you’ll surely won’t be disappointed.

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