Idleminds – Brick By Brick EP (Snubbed Records)


Idleminds are an incredible skatepunk quintet hailing from Maryland, US and Brick By Brick is their latest EP which has been published by Snubbed Records. So far, the band has published a couple of EP’s such as Brand New Day and Time To Decide, so Brick By Brick is their third EP recording to date. If you’re not familiar with what these guys are made of, I advise you to check out their previous recordings before consuming this one we’re talking about. Actually, Brick By Brick EP contains the same material as Time To Decide, but with way better production, so it’s a great crosscheck of progress these guys made during the years. As soon as you place this CD into your player, you’ll get a brighter image of their music. Idleminds are all the way into 90s skatepunk and their music reminds me of something bands like Pennywise or Bad Religion would eventually play during the 90s, but with a lot more hardcore punk music involved. This is what punk rock scene needed the most, old school skatepunk with large portions of singalongs. The band sounds so tight. Drumming is impressive, the snare drum is punchy enough to shake your speakers all the way around, warm sounding bass is giving massive support to both guitars which are shooting awesome melodies all over the place, the vocals are perfectly in tune with all those melodies and they’re greatly following an entire band. The band is highly influenced by the early Epitaph / Fat Wreck catalog but at some points, Idleminds have much more to offer through intelligent lyrics, powerful riffs, and great ideas that are popping out from every direction in all the presented compositions. Brick By Brick EP is accompanied by a meaningful cover art photo of a burnt car, the possible collateral damage of some riots, so Idleminds are inviting listeners of their latest recordings to think for themselves and uprise against the injustice system. This CD is available at the Idleminds Bandcamp page or at the Snubbed Records website.

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