Yard Bomb – Yard Bomb LP (La Pochette Surprise Records)


The eighties are back with a bang thanks to Yard Bomb, German hardcore punk band which recently has published a debut album for La Pochette Surprise, a DIY record label from Hamburg, Germany. You can already get a hint of what the Yard Bomb is all about by simply looking at their cover artwork. The band used aesthetics of legendary Adolescents for their debut, but somehow, their band name suits much more on the cover artwork than an original title. Music-wise, the band is playing a distinctive blend of highly energetic old school hardcore punk music and ferocity of 80s skate punk which is most notable in the great guitar riffs. To be more precise, Yard Bomb’s sound is influenced by the music of a couple notable hardcore punk bands such as Circle Jerks, Off!, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Germs, and Black Flag, but the band is also relying on some furious rock’n’roll riffs at some moments. Not only their songs are energetic, dynamic and relentlessly loud, the band is also dealing with some great portions of melodies, so guitar fills are often melodic while the rest of the band is firing classic hardcore punk music at the background. The final result is an uncompromising old school hardcore punk album which requires loud playing at your home stereo or at the local skate park while you’re grinding that pipe with full speed ahead. This album will bring back all the memories of some better days to the old fans and gather some newbies because it possesses all the essence of both old and new schools of hardcore punk music. You can grab this fine piece of plastic through La Pochette Surprise Records website or Bandcamp page and treat years with some energetic compositions which go beyond the modern standards in this particular music genre.

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