Bernays Propaganda – Vtora Mladost, Treta Svetska Vojna CD/LP (Geenger Records / Moonlee Records / Pop Depresija / Balkan Veliki)


Bernays Propaganda returns back with another great record which has been published in cooperation between a couple of record labels. This Macedonian touring machine is simply unstoppable and their albums are getting better by years, they’re evolving as individuals and musicians in so many creative spheres. For those who not heard for this quintet already, Bernays Propaganda are also famous for their political activism, so I advise you to pay closer attention to their brilliant lyrics. Beside political activism, musicians surrounding this incredible band are possessing all the tools of the trade to write, compose and record some proper material each time. This particular album is a step further after their brilliant Politika LP, which has been published by Moonlee Records in 2016. This time, Bernays Propaganda goes towards some possible radio play by mixing quite impressive elements of post-punk, new wave, alternative rock, Detroit electro, and Balkan folk music, but still staying true to their established sound for which they’re famous for. The rhythms are groovy, dancehall alike, with more focus on minimal electro beats, basslines, and keys, but still very warm sounding, easy listening and very melodic. Besides the very impressive usage of modern electronics, the band is also paid attention at the analog parts of their music, so there’s also a strong presence of some analog instruments and small bits of studio reverb are added for a more atmospheric feel. Socially conscious lyrics are on another level, usually mocking both local and global political scene, but more focusing on the involvement of the global politics on the current Balkan political scene. The band thoughtfully implemented highly intelligent lyrics onto commercial music with a clear aim to enlighten potential listeners of their brand new album and I can’t even give them enough credits for that. Vtora Mladost, Treta Svetska Vojna is currently available both digitally and on a compact disc at Geenger Records, Moonlee Records, Pop Depresija, Balkan Veliki, and In Your Head Records but the vinyl pre-orders will be up soon, so pick your weapon of choice and consume it loudly!

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