Kiper – Umoran I Glup EP (Geenger Records)


Kiper is back with another great EP release and this time they’re offering us three brand new tracks. Following their well-received full-length Udari Jako which has been published two years ago, Kiper is delivering much more melodic, but still energetic tunes to the plate with even more genres involved than ever before. Speaking of genres, the band still nurtures a mixture of hardcore punk, punk rock, and noise rock sound, but this time dealing with much more straightforward rock’n’roll and elements of plain pop-rock. First one on the bill is an album titled Umoran I Glup, such a fine opening tune which delivers a sonic impact to the table with Kiper’s classic rock’n’roll approach to hardcore and punk rock music, but with kinda dirtier fuzzy sounding guitars characteristic for perhaps stoner rock bands. This particular song possesses that anthemic refrain full of great singalongs. It’s a great opening tune which is also a great introduction into the Kiper’s brand new sound. Next one is, Kada Kažem Da Te Volim, much more pop-rock oriented love song with a lot of sarcasm and good humor implemented into the lyrics. This one also carries a lot of that familiar vibe which has instantly reminded me of some cool 90s grunge music. Such a beautiful song and it seems Kiper paid a lot of attention about this one. Mali Pas is a third and the last track of this great EP. It’s a power-driven, energetic mid-tempo track with a lot of anger packed beneath dirty sounding guitars. The rhythm section is especially hearable on this one, probably because of lots of guitar arpeggios, layered with a small dose of the tremolo effect. This tune also possesses a great singalong chorus which carries a strong message about growing older, getting smarter, prevailing some typical problems, but it also calls the crowd to raise their hands and join in the desperately needed revolution. Kiper especially nailed with this particular track, in my honest opinion. Umoran I Glup EP is available through all streaming services and it has been published by Geenger Records, a great Croatian record label which carries a ton of great diverse bands you need to check out.


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