Slashers – Slashers LP


It’s no surprise the Big Apple is home to some of the greatest bands of all time. The bands are constantly rushing out of nowhere and most of them are surprisingly good. Slashers are one of those bands and their mixture of various music styles will simply blow you away. The band is nurturing a classic sound of the 80s ranging from thrash metal, skate punk, and pure rock’n’roll. While their music consists of crossover tunes comprised of various tempos, the lyrics are loaded with a dose of humor and typical themes for this particular genre. Their sound is deeply rooted in a skateboarding culture proving that this particular subculture can even grow bigger in this era. This is their debut album and I cannot even remember when I’ve heard the band sounding so tight at their debut LP record, so I can only assume these guys are some sort of veterans on the NYC scene. The guitars are incredibly well recorded, riffs are amazing, plus the guitar players obviously know how to write and arrange some killer tunes. The rhythm section is holding everything together, basslines are ridiculously sticking in between guitar shreddings and totally insane drumming. Vocals are on the next levels, ranging from classic yelling to the more thrashy screaming, plus the singalongs are bringing some arrangements to the next level of pure awesomeness. You’ll simply fall in love with their sound if you grew up listening to crossover, hardcore punk, and melodic skate punk bands. This amazing debut comes on a toxic waste green marble vinyl and it has been published by the band, in the spirit of DIY ethics, so go ahead and support these enormously brilliant guys on their way to slash your home stereo.