Ground – Mourn Innocence CD


Ground is back once again with some crushing chaotic tunes. This time band is way more influenced by modern hardcore punk and thrash metal but still layered by the good old chaotic sounds of powerviolence and grindcore. Ground delivers twelve new ridiculously aggressive tracks, with a high percentage of material being comprised of the ferociously fast tunes full of classic blastbeats, sludgy riffs and an almost crazy amount of various vocal arrangements. One of the latest additions to the band are some modern metalcore arrangements, but they’re not spoiling greatly performed music in any way. The band is still focused on a wide spectrum of transitions between various lunatic rhythms and powerful riffing which ranges from the fastness of classic grindcore to the hollowness of doom metal. They are even adding some math riffs in some of the tunes, so perhaps the Mourn Innocence can be a gamechanger in an already stagnant musical genre. The powerviolence part fits somewhere in between with the vocals being constantly almost like guidelines for the great dynamics of this band. To be fair, I can’t pick favorite tunes of this one, since all the tracks are brilliant in one way or another. Ground is shaking foundations of a classic powerviolence both vocally, lyrically and musically and I am simply blown away how they managed to record and produce such a great album far away from powerviolence standards. Mourn Innocence comes with cool graphics and this time they’ve decided to use some photo manipulated collage for their front cover artwork. CD is available directly at Ground’s bandcamp page, so make sure not to miss this magnificent album.