Fine Dining – Grass Fed Tunes CD (Emmer Effer Records)


Fine Dining is a skate punk band from Los Angeles, CA comprised of veteran punk rock musicians who wanted to offer something more than just plain and simple punk rock. The band consists of Chris Navarrete on vocals, Kevin Wells on guitar, Simon Johnson on drums and Paul Minor on the bass. If I am not mistaken, Grass Fed Tunes is their debut EP with four killer tracks which ranges from ridiculously fast hardcore punk riffs, all the way through with some influences taken from classic 90s skate punk, so they can end their blend up with a decent dose of perfectly executed melodies. Their music is far away from a modern skate punk music which has been repeatedly exploited by newer bands over and over again. Quite the contrary, Fine Dining is sticking to the way better formula with a much more aggressive approach to a melodic punk rock sound. Chris Navarrete’s enormous vocal abilities are greatly filling the arrangements of the Fine Dining and the singalongs by the entire band are sounding massive on some parts. The rest of the band are professionals in their job, Simon Johnson is tearing his drumset apart, Paul Minor has played bass in Death By Stereo before, so he is such a nice addition to the Kevin Wells dominant guitar shredding. Beside their tunes, Fine Dining has covered Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda where the classic tune got some brand new arrangements in a much more aggressive form. It’s a perfectly done cover in my book. Grass Fed Tunes has been published on a CD by Emmer Effer Records and it comes with a monochrome illustration of a burger sitting on the turntable. The CD is available at the Emmer Effer bandcamp page, so don’t miss a chance to listen to some killer tunes and support these fine musicians.