Gets Worse – Snubbed LP (Dead Heroes / No Bread)


Gets Worse are pretty much a well known in the underground music circles. The band has been formed in Leeds, UK in 2012. and they have a dozens of blasting releases which will probably melt your brain down during the listening. Snubbed LP is their latest full lenght record with twenty relentless tunes full of chaos and rage. The band continues with their ferociously fast rhythms, even faster abnormal blastbeats, but with a lot of breakdowns characteristic for doom music. Guitars have that sludgy tone which surprisingly fits nice for both fast and slow tempos, the bass guitar is covered with a layer of crunchy distortion, so the sound is massive and compact at the same time. Vocals are fitting into powerviolence standards with the classic yelling, screams, grunts, and growls, but perhaps Gets Worse are doing it a lot better than some other powerviolence bands I’ve had chance to listen and praise. Vocals are also playing a key role in some sort of the arrangements, they simply enrich the already dynamic sound of Gets Worse, so you’ll not be bored somewhere in the middle of the album or skip some tracks in search for some better one. It keeps the listener focused on the sound in its entirety, which is a hard task to maintain in the times where we are all constantly overcrowded with new music. Snubbed LP is also a great starting point if you’re a newbie to the powerviolence sound because it possesses all the key elements of the genre. The band also have some distinctive graphics for their releases and this time the cover for Snubbed LP is not an exception neither, so the giant elephant eye focused in the middle of the cover art is staring directly into the consumer and it’s totally done if pink, grey and black tones with a lot of grunge textures. It looks dark and beautiful at the same time, so you’ll quite enjoy it both sonically and visually. Snubbed has been published as an LP by Dead Heroes Records , but it is also available as a CD as well which has been published by No Bread Records, so pick your weapon of choice and enjoy is some brilliant blasting tunes.




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