Science Man – Science Man LP (Swimming Faith Records)


Here’s another one from Swimming Faith Records and this time we are covering a debut release by this Buffalo, New York based label which carries some of the interesting bands like Alpha Hopper, The Hamiltons and the project we are talking about today, Science Man. This self-titled LP delivers eleven neck twisting, skull-crushing, bone ripping tunes, so energetic it will instantly melt your brain. The man behind Science Man is playing all the instruments on this recordings and surprisingly, he is doing it pretty damn well considering the quality of the presented material. Whoever tried to record a demo material by himself, probably knows how much nerves, patience, and energy is required to execute such a project with such precision. It took a lot of dedication and free time and luckily Science Man decided to share his ideas with the wider audience. Music-wise, Science Man delivers some raw energetic rock’n’roll with monstrous horror punk bits and pieces, but there’s a lot of traces of garage punk and grunge in a couple of tunes. Drums are shredding everything in pieces with enormously fast hi-hat chops, it instantly reminded me of something Teenage Bottlerocket or Ramones would do, but this is way much better and faster. Science Man is giving his best to keep his tunes interesting all the time with dozens of insanely fast and melodic guitar scales which are covered by distinctive surf-rock reverb. Bass scales are giving a warm note and they’re filling the gaps between guitars and drums, so it’s more than clear Science Man knows what he’s doing with his music. From thoughts to realization, Science Man thought about everything and that’s a reason why this LP is keeping the listener’s attention till the last tune of this record. The best part is yet to come, because Science Man doesn’t care about big record labels and he managed to publish his material totally DIY at his own label, so this amazing record is available directly at Swimming Faith Records bandcamp page and it comes in a very nice packaging consisted of an abstract cover artwork which perfectly suits to the weird, but incredible music by Science Man. Support the DIY manufacture and grab this LP as soon as you can.