Radish Brothers – The Chemical Tape (Industrial Coast)


Being a music geek person who constantly digs web for a piece of brand new music to satisfy some cravings for new sounds can be a challenging, but a rewarding thing to do. I mean cmon, who doesn’t love some weird experimental music from time to time.  At least, for the sake of being a curious person, you can stumble upon on a brand new album by Radish Brothers, for example. The story about how I heard for them is an ordinary one, but The Chemical Tape by the Radish Brothers is a much more interesting story to tell.  Jason Randall Oliver (guitar, synths, loops & electricity) and Kevin Henry Dunham (omnichord, keys, samples & waves) are both multi-instrumental artists who are also members of Our Lady Of The Flowers. Both of them are offering a weird, but a very pleasant experimental journey through a beautiful world of Radish Brothers ambient experiments with crazy electro beats, keyboard manipulations, field recordings, weird sound sources, various monologues and dialogues, plus probably many many more I forgot to mention. The best part of The Chemical Tape is a spontaneously performed and recorded material which will entertain you in an hour and a half, but you will not feel bored after listening. In a matter of fact, you will feel a certain type of craving for some more experimentations like these. It’s like an audio drug, made to satisfy your need for some avant-garde ways of expression. The Chemical Tape contains full spectre of ridiculously addictive audio manipulations, both digital and analog which will perhaps be more suitable to the consumers of experimental genres such as musique concrete, but it would be such a shame if you miss this incredible material which holds a lot more than just one way of artistic expression. Radish Brothers thought about everything, so they’ve added a live performance by Our Lady Of The Flowers as a bonus, so you can enjoy in some experimental music even more. The Chemical Tape has been published by always amazing Industrial Coast, home of experimental music such as noise, harsh noise, ambient, drone, techno…etc, so you can definitely check out these guys from Port Huron, Michigan, but make sure to check out other artists at Industrial Coast as well.