Seine – 22 (Moonlee Records)


Seine is Croatian duo comprised of Dimitrij Petrović and Ivan Ščapec, both multi-instrumental artists whose creativity goes beyond classic rock limits. Their second album called 22 delivers slightly dark atmosphere often performed by Ivan’s distinctive high pitched voice, while the music fills the gaps at the background. Seine are much more creative than any other duo you listened before and their music can’t be classified into one specific genre. Perhaps, the easiest sound definition would be noise rock, but there’re a lot of influences taken from genres such as post-punk, new wave, indie, folk, electronica, hip hop and still you’ll be able to add up some other genres to the bill. This chaotic musical definition brings the conclusion that Seine are not an ordinary duo, but a full-time band comprised of eight-arm guys who are exploring music with a lot more passion and dedication than other dual projects you’ve heard before. Despite the fact that Petrović is involved on drums, percussions, keyboards, mouth organ, and Ščapec is performing on vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, Seine can go through different sonic forms, from minimal sequences to almost orchestral compositions in a matter of seconds. These musicians will twist your moods, maybe you’ll not be a fan of their music after the first spinning of the 22, but you’ll definitely get the bright idea about their aims after a couple of listenings, love them even more than before and that’s the beauty of the Seine. They know how to force you to love their music because of their creative approach to all the instruments they’ve incorporated. It’s music for every mood, every situation, it will confuse you and enlighten you in a matter of seconds. 22 is available as digital download, CD or LP through Moonlee Records, so pick your weapon of choice and enjoy in a slightly different musical approach.