Spoilers – Recently Re-Released LP (Various Labels)


Due to the enormous percentage of melodic punk rock bands nowadays, the scene somehow lost that classic punk rock feel. The bands are aiming high by various techniques, desperately grabbing the listeners by their shoulders, picking up the entire crews to promote their music, but a lot of them simply don’t have what it takes. That’s not the case with the Spoilers, amazing punk rock band from Canterbury, UK. These guys have taken all the best elements from the golden era of the melodic punk rock, mixed it up with hardcore punk from the 80s,  added some spices to that mixture and created something we all missed all these years. Plus add some psychedelic keyboards at some tunes which kinda reminds me of something Snuff would eventually play at some point of their career. Actually, Spoilers can be best described as a Fat Wreck Chords band stuck somewhere in between Less Than Jake and Snuff early periods, but even faster. As band already wrote on their bandcamp page, Recently Re-Released is This is a collection of “pre-roundabouts” releases bundled together with a previously unreleased track and some acoustic versions. It contains tracks from Stay Afloat mini CD / LP and tunes which has been published as a split release with No Marks, so if you somehow missed those two releases, now is your chance to grab this fine material at the price of one. Recently Re-Released has been published on blue and green vinyl by Boss Tunage, Brassneck, Little Rocket and SBAM in 300 copies, but I am pretty sure this one will go quickly if we assume how good Spoilers as a band are. Don’t miss this!