Dead Fish – Ponto Cego LP (Deckdisc)


Dead Fish are Brazilian melodic punk rock trio which has been active since 1991. Years of constant activity bring certain skills to the table, so diversity in sound is more than hearable throughout Ponto Cego. Beside ordinary skate punk sound, Dead Fish are blending elements of hardcore punk, sludge, indie, but the songs are unified into one brilliantly performed collection of sheer energy mixed up with a perfect dose of emotions. Each arrangement is cleverly played like the right card pulled out from the sleeve, it’s almost impossible to think of some bad aspects in some tracks because everything sounds so impressive. Guitars are doing their best while the rhythm section is holding everything together. For true lovers of punk rock, language should not be the barrier and I guess even English speaking listeners won’t find any difficulties to love this band since Dead Fish are performing their tunes strictly in the Portuguese language. You’ll be surprised how punk rock can sound fresh in 2019. if you just take some time and give Ponto Cego a chance. It will blow your ears in many directions and you’ll ask for more. Great music comes with great cover artwork and this time some skillful artist took his hand and decorated this fine piece of music into pure beauty, so maybe you’ll find this style of artwork familiar with works of Scott Sinclair, who’s responsible for some artworks for Hot Water Music. All in all, it goes great with the aesthetics and sound of Dead Fish, so if you decide to purchase this record, you’ll not be disappointed with a full package. Ponto Cego is available on LP, CD, and cassette by Deckdisc from Brazil.