Burning Alms – Afternoon Sass LP (Geenger Records)


Burning Alms are back with their second album Afternoon Sass which has been published by Geenger Records couple of days ago. After debuting In Sequence LP, Burning Alms obviously wanted to explore underground waters of the western Balkans, so Geenger Records was clearly a smart move considering their back catalogue and tons of a very good bands on their roster. Afternoon Sass LP is perhaps a continuation of In Sequence, but unlike their debut album, Afternoon Sass is going towards indie sound much more than into deep noise rock waters, which we could previously experience on their debut. Perhaps Burning Alms are aiming higher for a mainstream road, but whoever listened to indie bands like these, probably know that musicians who have a strong passion for this type of music are deeply rooted into the DIY underground scene. However, these guys know what are they doing and you can’t miss their sharp knife melodies mostly performed on clean guitars, bone-crushing refrains full of distorted riffs, slightly distorted chunky bass lines which are dominant on this recording and perfectly hearable drumming which is filling entire recording with pure energy. Tunes are fully packed with raw emotions and beautiful vocals which are entirely performed and blended with guitar tones. It’s almost impossible to find even the smallest mistake, everything is recorded with a lot of precision and perfection, all the instruments are present equally on the recording and professionally executed production is giving even more reverby melancholic atmosphere to the overall listening experience. Afternoon Sass LP comes with a minimalist cover artwork with a photo of the ladders sitting beside an empty red corner of an improvised room. It would be such a shame if you miss the opportunity to grab this one on some white or black vinyl, so visit Geenger Records bandcamp page for more info about ordering. If you’re more into digital formats, Geenger Records got you covered with Afternoon Sass LP being available on all streaming services.