Mighty Zazuum – Into The Unknown LP (Geenger Records)


Diversity has always been welcomed when it comes to music, especially because of modern technological innovations currently presented in the music industry. which are allowing us to explore even more than ever before. Just add some bright ideas and the sky is the limit. Mighty Zazuum from Pula, Croatia are exactly doing that, they dare to explore underground music without imaginary borders which have been implemented over and over again by dozens of bands who can’t imagine a bigger and brighter picture in front of themselves. The band is adding elements of post-rock, post-metal, indie, grunge, stoner, and sludge into their music, but it would be so naive to say they can be easily categorized into one specific genre. Surely, with a slight confidence each and every listener of the Into The Unknown LP will recognize some influences taken from bands like Melvins, Kyuss, The Mars Volta, Tool, Quicksand, Kylesa…to name a few, but Mighty Zazuum are actually delivering their own kind of calmy atmosphere followed up by great hard-hitting riffs usually layered with some fuzz distortion and bit of a reverb effect, but Mighty Zazuum are not even remotely stopping there. Great male vocalist is accompanied with female background vocals which are transforming those calmy atmospheric parts into almost creepy hysterical choruses which will melt your ears off your head. The best part of a whole Into The Unknown LP is also the hardest one, it’s really hard to pick the best or the worst track, they’re all equally brilliant and smartly blended into one massive composition. The cover artwork is equally weird as the music and by wierd, I surely aim at much proper term such as amazing. It almost looks like a sci-fi collage of an artificial futuristic city, surrounded by the various elements such as binary codes, parachutes and some abstract backgrounds. Into The Unknown LP has been published by always amazing Geenger Records from Zagreb, Croatia, where you can find a lot of diverse music to extend your listening experience on a whole new level.