Kevlar Bikini – Rants, Riffage And Rousing Rhythms LP (Geenger Records)


Who’s up for some dirty noise rock influence hardcore music full of sludgy riffs?! Well at least I am, and Kevlar Bikini, a powerful trio from Zagreb, Croatia are a perfect choice for all of you who are into some chaotic, but yet tight sonic endeavors. The band has previously published two good albums called Expodisiac and Hi-Fi Or Dia as a quartet, but this one is recorded as a trio and it delivers some minor changes in their sound, but the overall experience is more than satisfying. First of all, the packaging is pretty impressive and Geenger Records really paid a lot of attention on that aspect of this brilliant LP. As you grab this piece of plastic into your hands, you can notice a front cover artwork made in collage style depicting ninja and samurai fighting, while the big eye is staring at the background. Blood splatters are everywhere, indicating this will be one bloody record and inlay cover art is even more surprising, with mantis alike alien holding a ray gun. Once again blood splatters are everywhere and another side of inlay cover artwork is dedicated to lyrics and all the possible info the band and label gathered together. Hats off to the designer of this cover artwork, he deserves our uttermost respect for such brilliant work. Music is even more surprising, there’s something for everyone and Kevlar Bikini are paying attention to every single detail considering arrangements and genre crossovers from the first beats of this record to the very beginning of it. From hardcore to punk rock, from stoner to sludge, from noise rock to who knows what experimental music they’re involved in, Kevlar Bikini are doing their job very well, with all the tunes being slightly chaotic, but amazingly incorporated into one hellish composition. I must admit they’re holding tight as a trio, as their music is being played like there are three guitar players playing all together at the same time and this kind of riffs are sounding awesome live as they sound on the recording, that’s for sure. What surprises me the most is the sound of a bass guitar, it’s so clean for this kind of music, but hell man, it suits pretty well to the music they’re playing and it sticks great to the skillful drummer who’s tearing those drums apart throughout the whole recording. There’s no doubt Rants, Riffage And Rousing Rhythms LP will find it’s place in many record collections and whoever miss this one, won’t experience some great music played by people who know how to deal with various genres messed up altogether. You can grab your own copy at Geenger Records bandcamp page for more than a reasonable price, so don’t wait until it’s gone.



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