Vasko Atanasoski – Pazi Kuče LP (Geenger Records)


Vasko Atanasoski is known as an active musician on Macedonian scene and his band Bernays Propaganda is well known on the alternative underground scene as one of most hardworking bands on Balkans. Their political criticism is gathering fans and admirers from both anarcho and mainstream scene, so they’re probably one of those bands who succeeded in their aim to educate masses in an appropriate way. Despite the fact, they’re constantly playing shows and touring, Vasko Atanasoski grabbed some free time to express himself as a solo artist and he managed to publish a couple of albums and singles so far. Pazi Kuče LP delivers even more experimentations and a wide spectrum of instruments involved in both performing and recording process than it’s predecessor. This time Vasko expressed his creativity through wider area of harmonies and vocals, standard guitars and bass performances, but also gave a chance for some eminent musicians like legendary Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose, Ciccone Youth, Sonic Youth…to name a few), Kristina Gorovska (Bernays Propaganda) and Deni Krstev to express themselves through various experimentations with rhythm programming, keyboards, vocals or basslines.  By taking a first listen to Pazi Kuče LP, I can assume Vasko was heavily inspired by the experimental ambient scene, but his explorations take a lot more attention than just plain pair of ears, because of a lot of other genres involved in his music. There’s a strong presence of motown rhythms, acoustic performances, post-punk ambiance, minimal electro samples, great brass sections, even more dark ambient drones and almost monotone vocals are giving some weird atmosphere of constant discontent, clearly aimed to express the situation on both local and worldwide socio-political scene. This is clearly a piece of rebellious music which comes like a calm after a storm, it forces you to turn on your brain and think about everyday life in a very different way, far away from that life mass media are presenting to us. Pazi Kuče LP has been published by Geenger Records from Zagreb, Croatia and it’s still available, so pay some visit to labels bandcamp page and grab a copy of this brilliant vinyl for yourself.