Ground Zero – Levitations In Suffering EP


Ground Zero are hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia, and for those who might don’t know, they play perfect blend of all evil metal subgenres, totally wrecked with crust punk, then polished with cool dose of good old hardcore and then beaten multiple times with Ground Zero stamp of approval. Perhaps I forgot to mention some of the other genres they love to incorporate from time to time, but their brand new EP offers five amazing metalcore tracks full of evilness, rage, hellish guitar scales, maniacal drum beats and vocals which will tear skin down your back. With tracks like Heroes Of Today, Internal Tornment, Otvaranje (The Opening), Constellation Of Remedy and Pogledaj U Sebe (Look At Yourself) you will not have time to breathe, but you will repeat Levitations In Suffering and ask for more. It’s like a constant slap in a face which you want over and over again. Even the cover looks sinister enough, depicting an arm rising from an inverted river and reaching for a crown of thorns. Such an amazing artwork which perfectly fits with abnormally well played material. You can grab Levitations In Suffering straight from Ground Zero’s bandcamp page for 1€, which is kinda ridiculous price for this astonishing material, but secretly I wish this EP will end up on a 7” record to satisfy needs of all vinyl freaks. Embrace this material with extreme caution of ear damaging which you’ll enjoy for sure.