The Ratchets – First Light LP (Pirate Press Records)

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If you ever wondered how The Clash would sound in 2018. then The Ratchets are more than a good answer to that question. Influences are more than hearable at the very begining of the First Light, which is their second LP after numerous singles and EPs, but there’s a lot more about this band. Their music brings a lot of emotions which only small amount of bands can deliver nowadays. Songs like opening Gotta Be Cool, Drone Control and anthemic Bad Vibes are perfect overture to the sound of The Ratchets. Their tender melodic guitars with small amount of distortion are great combination while the bass is doing a perfect job at the background. Album continues with more cool tracks such as 2-4-6-8 Motorway, Dotard At The Dial, World Trade Lungs and Paterson who are similar to the tracks I mentioned above, but even more melodic and punchy at the right spots. I must mention vocals who are right up my alley and fitting to the music like the right pair of shoes. A lot of listeners will recognize Joe Stummer’s singing style on this record, which is a big plus. Then we have energetic Fiscal Spliff, wonderful Stray Emotions, folky War Office No.9 and Jammyland as the perfect ending of a First Light, an album which sets the bar for new punk rock bands who are into London ’77. kind of a sound. The Ratchets not only possess the musical skills and knowledge how to properly play this style, but they also put a lot of emotions into their music, which is vital for every band who wants to be heard on todays punk rock scene. Anthemic verses, highly driven choruses and clever catchy lyrics will force you to love The Ratchets even more.