Disbaja – Time Is…Cruel Master LP


Disbaja are one of the true representatives of a today’s croatian punk scene, active whenever they get a chance to play shows, but on the other hand there’s not a lot of info about them on the web. Perhaps I am not searching at the right places, but I am always cheerful when I stumble upon on some info about their activities. Time Is…Cruel Master is their brand new LP, a comprehensive collection of bone crushing tracks full of cool recognizable riffs characteristic for the period from mid 80s till mid 90s. and fast tempos which will force you to pogo like a maniac. There’s a lot of things going on on each track, but I am so glad they rely their technical skills and influences on the sound of older punk and metal bands. It’s like you put bands alike Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Driller Killer, Sodom, Kreator and a lot of other cool d-beat, crust and speed / thrash metal bands into a blender and then chop them until you get a fine musical blend filled with amazing vocals. Speaking of vocals, they are ranging from classic Discharge-a-like vocal skills to metallish screams, but only in a small perfect doses and Disbaja sounds even darker at some moments of their brand new album, because of it.  It’s a no escape situation when a band knows how to blend punk and metal into one unique, interesting composition and these guys know how to get this job done properly.